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FLCL, vol. 3 (2001)
Authors: Hiroyuki Imaishi (Art), Yoji Enokido (Story), Kazuya Tsurumaki (Art)
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When someone walks slower than me: omfg your slow ass is clogging up the hallway for the rest of us put some pep in your step grandma
When someone walks faster than me: jesus christ are you on the run from the police this isn't a race you can tone it down usain bolt
When someone walks at the same pace as me: who gave your creepy ass permission to walk with me get the fuck away before I call the cops
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Anonymous begged, "It would be kind of funny if Mamoru got the wrong room first and went into Usagi's parents room in the Moonlight, reaching out to grab an irate Kenji in his pajamas."
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my dad was a ne’er-do-well delinquent knob when he was a kid and it is my absolute honour to only semi-ironically carry the torch into this generation  

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What did it mean to be damaged? Beyond repair? Short of surgery, there was no going back. More importantly, back to what? Even in my earliest days, my breasts had never defied gravity as these perky orbs. I had come of age “damaged,” my bazoombas beyond hope even from their budding. Time hadn’t helped. Breastfeeding, now long over, had done no harm, but the stretch marks I’d had since puberty had multiplied during pregnancy. Aside from the added racing stripes, my breasts were back to pre-pregnancy shape, a shape I’d always accepted as my own, as normal, as genetically dictated. A shape that, the infographic argued, was preventable. A shape I was now asked to reconceive as damaged.

Damage: The Soul-Crushing Science Of High-End Bra Shopping
by Sian Griffiths. I think one of the most abusive relationships in my life has been with MY BRAS.

this is so painful to read but also great
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Drake: You... you don't hate me?
Nicki Minaj: You idiot! That's all in your head.
Drake: But... I hate myself.
Rihanna: Those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others.
Drake: I am wicked... a coward... weak... and...
Beyoncé: If you know yourself, you can be kind to others.
Drake: I hate myself. But... I might be able to love myself. I might be able to stay here. Yes. I am nothing, but I... I am myself. I wish to be myself. I wish to stay here as myself. I am worthy of living here!
Nicki Minaj: Congratulations!
Rihanna: Congratulations!
Beyoncé: Congratulations!
Lil Wayne: Congratulations!
Jay Z: Congratulations!
A$AP Rocky: Congratulations!
Jhene Aiko: Congratulations!
Kanye West: Congratulations!
DJ Khaled: Congratulations!
Birdman: Congratulations!
Nebby: Congratulations!
Sandi Graham: Congratulations!
Drake: Thank you!
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